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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Hosho maraccas (mar)
Hosho maraccas (mar)

Please only order 12 or more.

Three hosho seed pods on a stick- simple but effective, tactile and pretty.

Price: 4.20 ( 5.04 Inc. VAT)
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Kenyan Monkey drum (md)

larger image... 

Great sounding monkeydrum from Kenya. Bold mixed colours. 9cm diameter
Price: 4.12 ( 4.94 Inc. VAT)
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Monkeydrum American (mda)

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Great new monkeydrum from South America in assorted designs and colours. 8cm dia, 22cm long.
Price: 2.50 ( 3.00 Inc. VAT)
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Monkeydrum carved (mdk)
Monkeydrum carved (mdk)
This is a very different monkey drum. The head of the drum is made from the skin of a gourd. The picture has been handcarved into the skin in a similar way to a lithograph. Each one is a work of art. Made in Kenya. 9cm diameter
Price: 3.70 ( 4.44 Inc. VAT)
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Large Kenyan monkey drum (mdl)

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Large new and colourful monkeydrum 11cm diameter
Price: 4.50 ( 5.40 Inc. VAT)
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Flower shaker (Mdm)
Flower shaker (Mdm)
This is actually a mini shaker encased in a resonant skin. There are lots of different flower and mandala designs. Made in Bali
Price: 2.70 ( 3.24 Inc. VAT)
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Monkey drum from Peru (mdp)

larger image... 


Please only order 12 or more.

A good quality and sound
Price: 2.78 ( 3.34 Inc. VAT)
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Small Monkey Drum Peru (mmdp)
Orders over 100 at 14% discount. (mmdp)

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Small Peruvian Monkeydrum (Damassas) These are so easy to play a monkey could do it! Made in a small family run workshop in the mountains of Peru. Great sound from such a small instrument! Assorted colour woven bands. 6cm dia

Price: 2.04 ( 2.45 Inc. VAT)
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Small Kenyan Monkey Drum (smd)

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Assorted colours and patterns 6cm diameter
Price: 3.30 ( 3.96 Inc. VAT)
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Wild man clack (man)
Wild man clack (man) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 12 at 20% discount (man)

larger image... 

This crazy man hits his own head when you shake him. Noisy fellow! 20cmx10cm

Price: 4.62 ( 5.54 Inc. VAT)
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Bamboo Clacker (man2)
Bamboo Clacker (man2)
Decorated Bamboo Tube with two strikers. Great for keeping the beat and easy too - you just have to shake your wrist from side to side. 20cm

Price: 2.68 ( 3.22 Inc. VAT)
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Meo Fingerbell (meo)
Meo Fingerbell (meo) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 12 at 16% discount (meo)
These lovely bells are worn like a ring. Then you shake your hand, making different tones by closing your fingers over the metal. Great new product with individual point of sale cards.

Price: 6.44 ( 7.73 Inc. VAT)
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Sonajas (ncx)
Sonajas (ncx) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 24 at 19% discount (ncx)
Basket rattle from Peru. A handwoven soft straw rattle with a tinkling bell sound. 18cmbr>
Price: 4.82 ( 5.78 Inc. VAT)
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Nut on string (nut)
Nut on string (nut)
Nuts on a string! A shaker with a colourful twisted cord handle attached to a large lontar nut which acts as a sound chamber to echo the noise of the smaller nuts and beads clattering against each other. 30cm Made in Bali

Price: 4.60 ( 5.52 Inc. VAT)
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Mini ocarina pendant (moc)
Mini ocarina pendant (moc) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 50 at 13% discount (moc)
Mini Ocarina Pendant. Small, perfectly shaped and plays just like the real thing. Gently cover the holes on the back and front of the ocarina, lift the fingers to create different notes. Have fun and experiment. Each one is stunningly hand painted and Can also be worn around the neck. Handmade in Peru 5cm
Price: 1.90 ( 2.28 Inc. VAT)
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Painted ocarina (oc)
Painted ocarina (oc) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 36 at 23% discount (oc)
(Peru) Ocarinas are fairly easy to play and are even taught in UK schools. Even if you don't know what it is- the kids will!

Price: 4.24 ( 5.09 Inc. VAT)
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Submarine ocarina (ocs)

larger image... 

Painted clay ocarina in the shape of a submarine! Assorted colours. Made in Peru. 10cmx5cm
Price: 3.20 ( 3.84 Inc. VAT)
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Mini panpipe (MPP)
Mini panpipe (MPP) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 50 at 11% discount (mpp)
Mini Panpipe handmade in Peru. Seven hollow bamboo tubes are bound together with colourful thread to make this miniature version of the famous and popular Peruvian instrument - the panpipe. 8cm x 7cm
Price: 1.70 ( 2.04 Inc. VAT)
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rainbow panpipe (rpp)
rainbow panpipe (rpp) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 50 at 22% discount (rpp)

larger image... 

These are little ceramic painted ocarinas shaped as panpipes. Comes with string / pendant. Hand made in Peru.
Price: 1.08 ( 1.30 Inc. VAT)
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Pacay seed pods (pac)
Pacay seed pods (pac)

Please only order 12 or more.

They grow on trees in the Amazon- shake them or use them for decoration. Totally natural so sizes will vary slightly.
Price: 3.90 ( 4.68 Inc. VAT)
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