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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Animal Tambourine (met)
Animal Tambourine (met)
These highly decorated shakers are great fun. They come in assorted parrot / gecko designs.

Price: 5.04 ( 6.05 Inc. VAT)
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Beaded Maracca (mtb)

larger image... 

Two in one, a cabassa and maracca, good sound and colourful
Price: 6.70 ( 8.04 Inc. VAT)
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Boxed ocarina (ocb)

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This is a good sized ocarina which is sold in an attractive box- good for people who are paranoid about germs!
Price: 6.80 ( 8.16 Inc. VAT)
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Zampona panpipes (zam)

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30cm x 11cm A new larger size of double panpipes....
Price: 7.28 ( 8.74 Inc. VAT)
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Painted pacay seed pods (PPAC)

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These pacays are hand painted in geometric colours. They also have a woven loop at the end so that they can be displayed hanging as well as in baskets. 50cm Natural product so sizes will vary slightly. From Peru
Price: 6.32 ( 7.58 Inc. VAT)
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Red cane bone rattle (rcb)

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This little shaker will get you going, just bring on the music and you'll be dancing wherever you go! Made in Ghana. Approx 25cm in length.
Price: 7.00 ( 8.40 Inc. VAT)
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Rindik bunga 4 note (rin4)

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Balinese rindik zylo, 4 note. Pretty painted designs. 15 x 28cm
Price: 10.00 ( 12.00 Inc. VAT)
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Large Spring Drum (lsp)
Large Spring Drum (lsp)
Large Thunder Drum with dot painted design. Colours and designs may vary. 26cm 8cm dia
Price: 9.14 ( 10.97 Inc. VAT)
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Small painted spring (or thunder) drum (sspr)
Small painted spring (or thunder) drum (sspr) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 24 at 23% discount (sspr)
Smaller than its big brother but just as noisy! Hold the drum with the spring down and wobble gently to hear the sound of thunder! 19cmx6cm
Price: 6.62 ( 7.94 Inc. VAT)
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Fibreglass shekere (shf)

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An impressive black fibre glass shekere with bright blue beads. Approx 30cm high x 20cm wide.
Price: 50.40 ( 60.48 Inc. VAT)
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Spoon castanets (Spo)
Spoon castanets (Spo)
Wooden spoon castanets - played just like the old East End spoons with the bowls back to back. Knees up any body??? 25cm Made in Bali

Price: 7.00 ( 8.40 Inc. VAT)
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Vietnamese temple block and stick (tem)

larger image... 

A small example of the temple block used to help meditation by beating a rhythm. Carved with the traditional design to two fish (mu-ju)swimming. Symbolic of ceaseless prayer because fish never seem to sleep. 6cm

Price: 6.60 ( 7.92 Inc. VAT)
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6-note xylo (xy6)

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(Gambia) From the coast of West Africa this xylo or "balafon" is amplified by gourds suspended underneath the wooden keys, not tuned to the western scale!
Price: 50.00 ( 60.00 Inc. VAT)
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9-note xylo (XY9)

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(Gambia) With more than a full octave, this instrument goes way beyond its visual appeal. It's percussive,melodic, and lovely to play.

Price: 76.76 ( 92.11 Inc. VAT)
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