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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

giraffe (gir)

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This cute little chap stands about 50cm tall and is made from painted wood and coloured wooden beads, with a springy neck and tail. Enough to brighten anyone's day!
Price: 17.90 ( 21.48 Inc. VAT)
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painting 50x40cm

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Fun and colourful painting of houses on canvas 50x40cm. Scenes vary slightly in colour and design.
Price: 26.20 ( 31.44 Inc. VAT)
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Jewellery box (jew)

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Painted carved jewellery box. Hinged lid with inner tray made up of compartments. 28cm
Price: 33.00 ( 39.60 Inc. VAT)
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Juggling Ball (jgb)

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Time to test your juggling skills! Colourful woollen spheres just the right weight for all ages.
Price: 2.18 ( 2.62 Inc. VAT)
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Little love bird (lbd)

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Small gentle rocking bird. Very cute, assorted designs 7cm
Price: 5.50 ( 6.60 Inc. VAT)
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Make up bag (lma)

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Handmade leather and fabric bag with sponge lining ideal for keeping make up in. Mix of colours. 17cm x 13cm.
Price: 12.12 ( 14.54 Inc. VAT)
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Sitting rabbit (rab)

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A dotty rabbit from Bali to sit on your shelf! Lightwood with movable arms and legs. 42cm long
Price: 19.00 ( 22.80 Inc. VAT)
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Peruvian rug (rug)
Peruvian rug (rug) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 10 at 16% discount (rug)

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Gorgeous 100% wool rugs from Peru in a amazing array of colours and patterns. They are all great, but if you want to choose by colour let us know and we can email a selection of images for you to choose from. Sizes vary from around 170x170cm to 190x190cm. Some are square but most are rectangular. NEW STOCK NOW IN!!!
Price: 110.00 ( 132.00 Inc. VAT)
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Small vietnamese bag (vbs)

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Pretty little hand embroidered bag with zip fastening. 12cm x 8cm
Price: 4.00 ( 4.80 Inc. VAT)
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Ethnic cushion (vcu)

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Beautiful and bright handmade cushion covers from Hanoi including soft down feather inner. 40cm x 40cm
Price: 29.00 ( 34.80 Inc. VAT)
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Woollen belt (woo)

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Really funky woolen belts from Ecuador with large and heavy ring fastening....loved these! Lots of different colours.
Price: 25.30 ( 30.36 Inc. VAT)
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Owl carved from gourd (Buh)
Owl carved from gourd (Buh)
A coloured gourd with carved decoration to look just like a baby owl - aahh. It is also a shaker with a gentle soft sound. 5cm dia (sizes may vary due to the organic nature of this product) A mix of red, green, and orange. Made in Peru
Price: 3.40 ( 4.08 Inc. VAT)
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set of 6 pop-up cards (ccd)

larger image... 

A set of 6 original pop up cards from Vietnam. Great fun at a good price.
List Price: 12.00
Price: 12.00 ( 14.40 Inc. VAT)
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Pack of chopsticks (chop5)

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Pack of 5 sets of wooden chopsticks with individual coloured woven holders. Another complete giveaway!!
Price: 4.10 ( 4.92 Inc. VAT)
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Wooden chicken coop (coop)

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Amusing little wooden coop containing two nodding chickens. These are just soo cute, I had to get one for my daughter 10cm dia, 7cm high
Price: 3.10 ( 3.72 Inc. VAT)
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Critters (cra)

larger image... 

Made in Mexico using a hollowed seed shell. The moving part/parts are suspended from the inside roof of the nut with thread and glue. Clever! They move in the wind just like the dog my grandad used to have in the back window of his car! Ideally please order in units of 50, as that is how they are packed.
Price: 2.20 ( 2.64 Inc. VAT)
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Jumbo dreamcatcher (drj)

larger image... 

The biggest dreamcatcher we do! From the mountains of ecuador and provided with point of sale card of course 38cm diameter
Price: 33.90 ( 40.68 Inc. VAT)
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beaded dreamcatcher med (drm)

larger image... 

Native American people believe that the night air is full of many different dreams and spirits. Hanging a dreamcatcher above the bed only allows good dreams to pass. Made by Quechuan Indians in Ecuador. 7cm diameter
Price: 5.00 ( 6.00 Inc. VAT)
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Natural dreamcatchers (drn)

larger image... 

South American dreamcatchers. Handmade in a simple naive style. Using natural materials these dreamcatchers have been made the same way going back generations. A supple twig is shaped and held by string, then the web is woven across the centre of the cirlce with the addition of 4 small beads to represent the elements. 3 long strings are left hanging outside the web to enable the good dreams to escape and bring peace to the dreamer. We love the beading work and alod the lack of feathers! approx 14cm diameter
Price: 10.20 ( 12.24 Inc. VAT)
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Dreamcatcher ribbed (drrb)

larger image... 

Stunning dreamcatcher with 'rib' design. Assorted colours. From Ecuador. 16cm diameter
Price: 8.70 ( 10.44 Inc. VAT)
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