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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Cotton thai scarf (sca)

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Multi colour woven cotton scarves from Thailand in lovely colours. There are 20 colourways so please buy in multiples of 10 or 20. 170cm
Price: 7.22 ( 8.66 Inc. VAT)
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Kente cloth strip (kente)

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It's not often you come across such bright and beautifully coloured weave such as kente. Whether displayed on a wall, or on furniture, this Ghanain cloth will lift your mood whenever you see it! Assorted colours, sizes on average 160cm x 12cm
Price: 14.50 ( 17.40 Inc. VAT)
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Octopus (oct)

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Another fun offering from our friends in Bali. Painted wooden octopus with bendy beaded tentacles! Hangs max 75cm.
Price: 33.00 ( 39.60 Inc. VAT)
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Wire hanging parrot (wparrot)

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Wonderfully colourful parrot swinging on his perch handmade in Zimbabwe by threading tiny beads onto wire. Hangs approx 35cm from top hook.
Price: 14.20 ( 17.04 Inc. VAT)
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Birdcage 20cm (bc20)
Birdcage 20cm (bc20) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 10 at 15% discount (bc20)

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20cm high round birdcages made from bamboo and painted in colours including yellow, pink, lime green and blue. 20cm high.
Price: 5.06 ( 6.07 Inc. VAT)
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Birdcage 30cm (bc30)

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Round lightweight birdcage made from bamboo and painted in assorted colours including lime green, pink, yellow and blue. 30cm high.
Price: 12.12 ( 14.54 Inc. VAT)
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Birdcage 40cm (bc40)

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Bamboo birdcages from Bali painted in assorted colours including lime green, pink, blue and yellow. 40cm high.
Price: 24.24 ( 29.09 Inc. VAT)
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Candle in bamboo holder (cnl)

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Candle in bamboo holder of mixed designs...gold, silver, red. 9x9cm. from Bali
Price: 6.90 ( 8.28 Inc. VAT)
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Small round candle (cns)

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6x6cm candle in bamboo holder. Mixed colours and designs....red, gold silver From Bali
Price: 3.90 ( 4.68 Inc. VAT)
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Fingertraps (fin)
Fingertraps (fin) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 100 at 19% discount (fin)
(Mexican) The mexican classic, a timeless gift to ensnare your loved one- fingertrap, attrapa novia, passion pull, call it what you will! please order units of 50 or 100! Comes with colour laminated point of sale card.

Price: 1.30 ( 1.56 Inc. VAT)
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West African kimono (kmo)

larger image... 

For the stylish Alfa-male...super groovy kimono superb as Summer or holiday dressing gown MORE COMING SOON!
Price: 40.00 ( 48.00 Inc. VAT)
Out of Stock

Painted mirror   (m15)

larger image... 

Mirror encased in painted gold or silver frame of varying designs. made in peru. 15cm (round and square)
Price: 5.30 ( 6.36 Inc. VAT)
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Painted mirror small (m9)

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Wide assortment of different mirrors encased in painted gold or silver frame - 9cm (round and square)
Price: 5.00 ( 6.00 Inc. VAT)
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Carved Maori mask 50cm (mao)

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Beautifully handcarved and painted mask wall hanging. Maori style last six only!!!! 50cm long x 15cm wide. Hook at back. Natural colours/gold/white/black. Made in Bali
Price: 9.90 ( 11.88 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic bola (mbo)

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Fibre glass 30cm diameter mosaic ball with stand. There is a hole at the bottom where a light fitment could be inserted. Rainbow colours.
Price: 999.00 ( 1,198.80 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic budha head (mbu)

larger image... 

Mosaic budha head 30cm high, on stand. Black, white and multicolour available. Hole at bottom of piece to allow for lamp fitment.
Price: 23.00 ( 27.60 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic egg (meb)

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Mosaic egg 20cm high on stand. Mixed colours. Hole at bottom.
Price: 16.00 ( 19.20 Inc. VAT)
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20cm mask (ms20)
20cm mask (ms20) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 20 at 16% discount (ms20)

larger image... 

Well made and carefully painted wooden mask with thread to hang on wall. 20cm. From Indonesia.
Price: 3.20 ( 3.84 Inc. VAT)
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Mask from Bali (msb)

larger image... 

Traditional Balinese Raksasa mask Red/white
Price: 15.90 ( 19.08 Inc. VAT)
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Masks from Ghana (msg)
Masks from Ghana (msg) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 12 at 17% discount (msg)

larger image... 

A larger version of our wooden mask. 25 x 10cm
Price: 8.84 ( 10.61 Inc. VAT)
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