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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Small round candle (cns)

larger image... 

6x6cm candle in bamboo holder. Mixed colours and designs....red, gold silver From Bali
Price: 3.90 ( 4.68 Inc. VAT)
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Fingertraps (fin)
Fingertraps (fin) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 100 at 19% discount (fin)
(Mexican) The mexican classic, a timeless gift to ensnare your loved one- fingertrap, attrapa novia, passion pull, call it what you will! please order units of 50 or 100! Comes with colour laminated point of sale card.

Price: 1.30 ( 1.56 Inc. VAT)
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Painted gecko (gkp)

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Handpainted wood and bead gecko from Bali. Can be manipulated into different shapes and hung around.... 45cm toe to tail
Price: 13.90 ( 16.68 Inc. VAT)
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Painted mirror   (m15)

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Mirror encased in painted gold or silver frame of varying designs. made in peru. 15cm (round and square)
Price: 5.30 ( 6.36 Inc. VAT)
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Painted mirror small (m9)

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Wide assortment of different mirrors encased in painted gold or silver frame - 9cm (round and square)
Price: 5.00 ( 6.00 Inc. VAT)
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Carved Maori mask 50cm (mao)

larger image... 

Beautifully handcarved and painted mask wall hanging. Maori style last six only!!!! 50cm long x 15cm wide. Hook at back. Natural colours/gold/white/black. Made in Bali
Price: 9.90 ( 11.88 Inc. VAT)
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Mini masks assorted (mask)
Mini masks assorted (mask) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 18 at 16% discount (mask)

larger image... 

Picasso was famously inspired by African ceremonial masks in his abstract paintings. And so we see can African masks through Western eyes. But African masks are a traditional part of a ceremonial costume which may be used to invoke the spirits of the dead or to take on the forces of good or evil in dance. They often blur the line between animal and human, both celebrating and revering a strong relationship with nature. These masks have been made by craftsmen in West Africa. Assorted styles and sizes up to 12cm long.
Price: 3.30 ( 3.96 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic bola (mbo)

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Fibre glass 30cm diameter mosaic ball with stand. There is a hole at the bottom where a light fitment could be inserted. Rainbow colours.
Price: 999.00 ( 1,198.80 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic budha head (mbu)

larger image... 

Mosaic budha head 30cm high, on stand. Black, white and multicolour available. Hole at bottom of piece to allow for lamp fitment.
Price: 23.00 ( 27.60 Inc. VAT)
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Mosaic egg (meb)

larger image... 

Mosaic egg 20cm high on stand. Mixed colours. Hole at bottom.
Price: 16.00 ( 19.20 Inc. VAT)
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20cm mask (ms20)
20cm mask (ms20) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 20 at 16% discount (ms20)

larger image... 

Well made and carefully painted wooden mask with thread to hang on wall. 20cm. From Indonesia.
Price: 3.20 ( 3.84 Inc. VAT)
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Mask from Bali (msb)

larger image... 

Traditional Balinese Raksasa mask Red/white
Price: 15.90 ( 19.08 Inc. VAT)
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Masks from Ghana (msg)
Masks from Ghana (msg) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 12 at 17% discount (msg)

larger image... 

A larger version of our wooden mask. 25 x 10cm
Price: 8.84 ( 10.61 Inc. VAT)
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Oware game in box (oware)

larger image... 

Originating in Africa, oware is the oldest board game still played all around the world today. Giving hours of fun, this game then stores away into its own beautifullly carved box. Comes with instructions. Size 46cm long x 16cm wide when open. Made in Ghana.

Download Instructions
Price: 18.60 ( 22.32 Inc. VAT)
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Panama hat (pan)

larger image... 

Stylish and traditional panama hats from Ecuador. Available in white, havana and funky colours. Call or email for colours and sizes.
Price: 31.52 ( 37.82 Inc. VAT)
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Ladies panama hat (panl)

larger image... 

Very stylish ladies version of the wonderful Panama hat. Many strong and subtle colours as shown in the picture, as well as white and havana. Call or email for details.
Price: 31.52 ( 37.82 Inc. VAT)
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3 leggged pig pendant (pgp)

larger image... 

Daft little 3 legged necklace. I am actually wearing one as I write this. No, really!
Price: 2.16 ( 2.59 Inc. VAT)
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Primitif wall panel (pwp15)

larger image... 

Handcarved wall panel 15x35cm. Natural colour, some with white and/or blue detail. From Bali
Price: 19.00 ( 22.80 Inc. VAT)
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Box of 100 refills Poland (P100)
Box of 100 refills Poland (P100)
its essential to buy at least one of these refils to keep your pencil display full and attractive- otherwise the display falls in on itself when you've sold a third.
Price: 98.50 ( 118.20 Inc. VAT)
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Display set incl. 60 pencils (P60)

larger image... 

This bucket of coloured pencils is an irresistable display feature. Ideal for visitor centres.
Price: 62.64 ( 75.17 Inc. VAT)
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