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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Global Sounds (ipg)
Global Sounds (ipg) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 36 at 8% discount (ipg)

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Global Sounds is a wonderful pack of some our best selling musical instruments, from across the world, Chile, Peru and Thailand. These instruments are hand made and are authentic in design and sound. Each pack has a leaflet full of information . For the retailer we supply an A4 size poster.
Price: 13.76 ( 16.51 Inc. VAT)
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Rainforest Rhythms (ipr)
Rainforest Rhythms (ipr) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 24 at 5% discount (ipr)

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A colourful box of instruments from South America. Each instrument in the pack is decorated in a traditional way, showing examples of Native art and weaving. Our artisans make all the parts to this wonderful set even down to the thread and beads. Enclosed in the pack your customer will find a card full of information about each instrument. For the retailer we will supply a A4 laminated poster.
Price: 18.60 ( 22.32 Inc. VAT)
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South American Sounds (ssa)

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A vibrant and fun instrument pack. Fifteen items from Latin America complemented by twenty 'teachers help' guided activities focusing on English and Music key stages 1 and 2.
Price: 77.96 ( 93.55 Inc. VAT)
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An African Adventure (ssaf)

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An earthy multicultural resource. Presented in a Bolga basket. Sixteen items including masks, woven Kente cloth, and percussion all from Africa. Includes twenty 'teachers help' guided activities focusing on key stages 1 and 2 Music, Art and Design.
Price: 123.50 ( 148.20 Inc. VAT)
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Ocean Quest Pack (ssoc)

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Explore the sounds of the sea and weather with this inspiring pack featuring an ocean drum and nine further musical instruments. Contains twenty 'teachers help' activities focusing on English key stages 1 and 2.
Price: 102.88 ( 123.46 Inc. VAT)
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Seed Pod Pack (sspp)

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Explore eleven musical instruments all made from seeds and dried fruits in three continents. Also contains twenty 'teachers help' activities focusing on Music, Art and Design key stages 1 and 2.
Price: 67.04 ( 80.45 Inc. VAT)
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Rattlesnake Instrument Collection (A600)

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A full collection of 31 Early Years instruments with a tidy storage stand. Includes shakers, kokoriko, monkeydrums, samba whistles, triangles, castanets, T shaker, ratchet, maraccas, egg shakers, maracca with bell, hand castanets, jingle bands and claves. Enough for the whole class to have an instrument each! Colour and contents may vary.
Price: 212.00 ( 254.40 Inc. VAT)
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African basket (IPA)

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Thirteen authentic instruments all made in Africa contained in a Senegalese basket, including hosho maraccas, co-co shaker, caxixi, m'bira thumb piano, small djembe drum, rakataks, monkeydrums, moroccan flute, gourd shaker and juju raffia shaker. Contents may vary slightly
Price: 92.66 ( 111.19 Inc. VAT)
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African percussion pack (IPA2)

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Again, all hand made instruments, 10 in this set including cas-cas, rakatak, coloured disc shaker, caxixi, co-co shaker, gourd shaker, monkeydrum and hosho maraccas. Contents may vary slightly.
Price: 49.60 ( 59.52 Inc. VAT)
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African shaker selection in a basket (IPAS)

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A collection of 10 African shakers presented in a basket. NOW INCLUDES AFRICAN MUSIC CD! Caxixi (ka-shee-shee) a hand woven reed basket rattle 20cm. Double caxixi two baskets joined together - double the sound 15cm. Fojo Shaker, a wooden shaped spoon with a decorated gourd 16cm. Cabassa a large gourd encased in a colourful net of beads 14 x 30cm. 2 Co-co shakers, dried calabash filled with seeds and decorated with Adinkra symbols 10cm dia. Sistrum rattle, a small tree branch, recycled bottle tops and colourful material a modern twist on an ancient shaker from east Africa 30cm. Cas-cas from Senegal two mini gourds joined by a cord of twisted material 5cm. 2 Kente maraccas dried Televi nuts threaded on a stick which is wrapped in local kente design cloth 28cm. Due to the nature of these products colours and sizes may vary.
Price: 74.66 ( 89.59 Inc. VAT)
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Drum and Rythmn (IPDR)

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Set of 10 instruments including: 40cm Jammer series djembe, 30cm painted djembe, 20cm painted djembe, 2 caxixi, large coconut thumb piano, 2 x rubber seed shakers, and 2 x large monkeydrums. Contents may vary slightly.
Price: 138.00 ( 165.60 Inc. VAT)
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South American pack (IPSA)

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All these instruments come from Peru and Chile: Cha-cha seed pod shakers (2); Sonajas from Cajamarquina (2); Ocarina (boxed); hand carved gourd maracca; panpipes (2); monkey drums (4); 50cm cactus rainstick; 25cm painted peruvian rainstick (bamboo); Coloured inca flute (2); guiro gourd, all presented in our Zulu bowl. NOW INCLUDES SOUTH AMERICAN MUSIC CD! Contents may vary slightly.
Price: 98.88 ( 118.66 Inc. VAT)
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Rattlesnake instrument pack (rat3)

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A collection of 4 child size instruments for marching to the beat. Traditional shaped Marching drum with neckcord 23cm dia with two sticks. Hand drum 21cm dia with beater. A pair of Claves 18cm long and a Tambourine 21cm dia. Colours may vary.
Price: 56.20 ( 67.44 Inc. VAT)
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Rattlesnake instrument pack (rat4)

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A classroom set of 22 percussion instruments. 4 pairs of Maraccas 13cm. 4 Monkey drum 20cm. 1 Cowbell and beater 18cm. 2 Jingle shakers 23cm. 2 Tambourine shakers 23cm. 1 Football rattle 14cm and 4 Egg maracca 6cm. Colours may vary.
Price: 117.84 ( 141.41 Inc. VAT)
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