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The following discounts apply to all these products.
Orders of over 250 will be carriage paid within the UK
Orders of over 500 will be carriage paid outside the UK

Spotted Frog (minx)
Spotted Frog (minx)
A cute 6cm spotty frog and stick from Thailand. Colour of spots might vary.
Price: 3.30 ( 3.96 Inc. VAT)
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Noisy Penguin (peng)

larger image... 

This cheeky little chap comes all the way from Thailand and likes the sound of his own voice! Handcarved and painted onto wood. 3" tall.
Price: 5.36 ( 6.43 Inc. VAT)
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Armadillo (arm)
Armadillo (arm)
Armadillo clack and stick. Made in Bali this chap looks really cute with his long snout and tail. To make a noise rasp his back with the stick or tap along the ridges to make interesting sounds. 22 x 6cm
Price: 8.20 ( 9.84 Inc. VAT)
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Bird Caller (bc)
Bird Caller (bc)
This beautiful handmade ceramic bird has a hidden talent. Fill with a small amount of water, gently blow into the tail and as your breath travels through the water you will start the bird singing with all the joys of a dawn chorus. Made in Peru 6cm

Price: 3.32 ( 3.98 Inc. VAT)
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Bird whistle (bw)

larger image... 

One of our favorite products ever. Communicate directly with the birds, sing for joy in the mornings, but just dont mention the clangers.

Price: 0.80 ( 0.96 Inc. VAT)
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Bird whistle wooden (bww)
Bird whistle wooden (bww) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 24 at 14% discount (bww)

larger image... 

A solid wood whistle topped with a colourful bird. 10cm long x 6cm high. From Bali.
Price: 1.78 ( 2.14 Inc. VAT)
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Black & white noisy cow (cow)

larger image... 

Sturdy black and white cow with a cute pink nose! Not quite a deep 'moo' but you can here him across the meadow! 8cm high x 12cm long
Price: 6.28 ( 7.54 Inc. VAT)
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Cricket with stick (cri)

larger image... 

12cm x 5cm Made in vietnam, great detail, sounds exactly like a cricket.

Price: 5.56 ( 6.67 Inc. VAT)
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Green crocodile with stick (cro)

larger image... 

This fearsome critter works like the frogs.....but is a handsome painted green croc. 21cm long.
Price: 5.78 ( 6.94 Inc. VAT)
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Painted Duck Quacker (dqp)
Painted Duck Quacker (dqp) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 50 at 15% discount (dqp)

larger image... 

Quack quack whoops. Colourful hand carved ducks and drakes. Blow the tube to talk to the ducks or drive yourself quackers. Asst colours and designs. 10cm

Price: 2.16 ( 2.59 Inc. VAT)
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Carved duck sounder (duk)
Carved duck sounder (duk) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 12 at at 25% discount (duk)
Beautifully carved and painted duck sounder. Assorted colour plumage! 8x6cm high Made in Thailand

Price: 3.76 ( 4.51 Inc. VAT)
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Painted frog (frg)

larger image... 

Fun and colourful wooden frog and stick from Bali. Assorted colours. 10cm x 7cm high.
Price: 5.56 ( 6.67 Inc. VAT)
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Gecko and other animals clack (gec)
Orders over 12 at 17% discount (gec)

larger image... 

(Indonesia) Crafted in bali with a lizard handle, this interesting clack produces a unique percussion sound. Now with new painted designs.
Price: 9.60 ( 11.52 Inc. VAT)
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Noisy little gecko (gko)

larger image... 

Another noisy little creature made of dark wood from Bali. 11cm.
Price: 4.82 ( 5.78 Inc. VAT)
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Large frog (lf)
Large frog (lf) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 6 at 24% discount (LF)
(Vietnam) The larger they are, the deeper the sound can get.

Price: 13.08 ( 15.70 Inc. VAT)
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Noisy Monkey (mon)
Noisy Monkey (mon) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 16 at 12% discount (mon)
These monkeys can hang in long strings, each is individually carved, holding different fruits! Makes a noise when blown!! 14 cm long
Price: 6.44 ( 7.73 Inc. VAT)
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Tooting owl (owl) 3"

larger image... 

9x5cm Goes "Twit- to -woo" when you blow it.
Price: 5.10 ( 6.12 Inc. VAT)
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2" owl (owl2)

larger image... 

A smaller version of our popular owl.
Price: 3.54 ( 4.25 Inc. VAT)
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Frog and stick (sgf)
Frog and stick (sgf) Discounts Apply !
Orders over 18 at 19% discount (sgf)
(Vietnam) These green and naturally fished frogs sound great. Made sustainably in Vietnam, you just stroke them with the stick to get a wierdly realistic frog sound
Price: 5.46 ( 6.55 Inc. VAT)
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Frog and stick (xsf)
Frog and stick (xsf)
Made in the north of Thailand using sustainable jackfruit wood. Just stroke the back of the frog with the thick end of the stick and.....

Price: 3.42 ( 4.10 Inc. VAT)
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