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Shopping for someone else can be extremely difficult and frustrating … are you finding it hard to choose ‘something different’ for a friend or family member? Do you find yourself browsing the same gifts year after year, struggling to find inspiration for something they’ll truly love? If so, our selection of unique gifts might just be the perfect solution!

All of the items on this page, are one-of-a-kind and totally unique. Sourced from over 15 different countries across the globe, from Bali to Zimbabwe, we carefully select each and every one of our handmade items to bring you a varied range of ethnic gifts to choose from.

From the functional, to those simply designed to look fantastic in the home, at Rainstick Trading you’ll find one-off gifts to suit all tastes. We always have a wide selection of wood carvings, from freestanding pieces to those designed to hang on the wall, as well as smaller, decorative pieces that can be displayed on shelves, mantelpieces or elsewhere in the home or garden. If you’re looking for gifts for those who appreciate multi-cultural and ethnic crafts from countries across the globe, our one-off gift selection is sure to offer something to put a smile on their face!

Please note: for many of these items shipping charges will need to be agreed before dispatch due to the size and weight.